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Rail transit

The railway connector is a key device for railway or rolling stock, as well as one of elements for railway vehicle system. It is used in connected with the combined railway trains or rolling stocks, ensuring that the electric vehicle in the locomotive or fixed train set can drive the powerless railway passenger carriages or railway cargo carriages upon driving to perform synchronized linkage, thus ensuring the smooth running of the whole rail train.

New energy

The function of auto connector is very pure: connecting the current between blocked or isolated circuit to realize the circuit’s functions. Its types and structures are diversified. Its main structural members include: contact element, casing (subject to its variety), insulator and accessories.


The communications connector is an interconnecting device for the network transmission media. The property of the connector can impact on the whole communications system. At present, the communications connectors, with many models and standards, mainly include optical fiber connector and electric connector.

Military industry anti-explosion

The military connector can, as the name implies, be used in dangerous explosive atmosphere.